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It all started in the car driving home from Nanna’s house after an early celebration of Gemma and Joel’s birthdays.

It was 2013, my first year with their dad, Tony, and I was still a bit of a novice at the whole stepmum thing.

“What would you like for your birthday, Joel?” I asked, innocently.

“1,051 more birthdays,” he replied. At nearly six, 1,051 was his favourite number.

We established that he wanted these consecutively and my imagination was off. What would it actually be like if every day was a birthday? Would it really be that great? I couldn’t make it happen for him but I could write a story about it.

At that time, he was quite a fearful lad with a passion for custard creams so I weaved a fairy tale in which Prince Joel is visited by his Fairy Godmother who grants his wish for 1,051 birthdays. Unfortunately, this turns out not to be as much fun as he had hoped, but to undo the wish he has to face three of his fears. The result is PRINCE JOEL’S BIRTHDAY WISHES.

Joel loved his story and next time he was hesitating at the top of a zip wire. We reminded him about Prince Joel. His expression changed, as if something inside had clicked into place and he launched himself down the short drop.

If his story had helped Joel face his fears, perhaps I could do the same for other children. The seed of Beespoke Books had been planted.

It has taken a while to get up Beespoke Books up and running and there is still a lot to add to the site before it fully represents my vision. I hope you like we have for you so far.

Jane x