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Publication details

Cover: Glossy

Paperback: ?? pages

Colour Illustrations: 6

Dimensions: 11.4cm x 17.7cm

The Queen Bee Range


Imagine your child’s face as they read a book featuring their friends and family, pets and toys; where they visit places they know and love, eat their favourite foods and fulfil their deepest wishes.

Your Quuen Bee book can be set anywhere and include anything.

If your child wants a story set at school, up in space and under the sea,


mermaids, unicorns and aliens  then we can provide it.

No combination is too wacky, the only limits are our combined imaginations.

We can celebrate your child’s achievements, commemorate a special event or help them deal with any issues they may be struggling with.

Queen Bee Beespoke Books start at only £499.99 including two hardcover copies of your child’s book, one in a silk-lined presentation gift box. Additional copies may be ordered at a cost of £19.99 each.

Full details of contract, copyright and ownership are shown in Terms and Conditions .

With this premium service, your child stars in a story written and illustrated exclusively for them.