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Once I had written Prince Joel’s Birthday Wishes and conceived the idea of Beespoke Books, I began to look at what was already available. What a discovered was that there a fair few sites providing the opportunity for you to insert your child’s full name, address and date of birth into a pre-written story. Whilst I understand that it is the combination of these details that differentiates your child from any other with the same name, it made me a little uncomfortable. I asked around and discovered that I wasn’t alone. Many of the parents, grandparents and caregivers I spoke to would not be happy for that combination of information to appear in a book that could fall into the wrong hands. Concern was even greater over those sites that insert photos of the child’s face into their books’ illustrations.

Whilst this lack of trust in our fellow humans saddens me greatly, it has become a necessary consideration. The stories in the BUMBLE BEE range of Beespoke Books have been carefully constructed to use enough personal information to make it obvious that it is about your child without potentially putting them at risk. All illustrations of the child hero are, therefore, deliberately ambiguous.

My research also revealed a lack of narrative complexity and psychological depth in the stories themselves. When I started to write Bee Boy/Girl and the Meanies, I quickly discovered why - it is deceptively hard to write a one-size-fits-all story without constantly tripping over issues like,

“But not all children have access to a magnifying glass.”

Children are harsh task masters and pick up on such details. That is why I have listed all the assumptions the story/illustrations make and which of them I am able to change (such as family structure) for a small additional charge.

I also discovered a definite lack of personalised stories for older children and have addressed this with The Night of the Unread. The story is a bit longer with fewer pictures and is a little scary. Perfect for reluctant readers in the 8+ age range.

   Even rarer than books for older children was the opportunity to have a book written and illustrated from scratch. Obviously, this a premium service and would not be cheap, yet it seems to be non-existent. Our QUEEN BEE option fills this gap and allows you the opportunity to give your child something extraordinarily special.

We will be providing another service not found elsewhere with the HONEY BEE option, in which you create a unique story for your child by choosing from the offered illustrations and story elements. I will then weave these together into a story that is far more personal than our BUMBLE BEE books without the exclusive price tag of a QUEEN BEE creation.

Beespoke Books - putting your child at the heart of the action.

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Jane x